Øyvind Bøhren
Professor emeritus of Finance

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2019 (September) Professor emeritus, BI Norwegian Business School
2005-2019 Founding director, CCGR (Centre for Corporate Governance Research). BI Norwegian Business School
1985-2019 Professor of financial economics. BI Norwegian Business School
2004-2009 Holder of the Stein Erik Hagen Chair for private ownership. BI Norwegian Business School
1993-1996 Dean of Graduate Programs. BI Norwegian Business School
1992-1993 Visiting scholar. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1983-1985 Associate professor, finance. BI Norwegian Business School
1982-1983 Assistant professor, finance. BI Norwegian Business School
1980-1982 Assistant professor, management. Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
1979-1980 Visiting scholar. University of Washington
1977-1980 Research associate, finance. Norwegian School of Economics
1974-1976 Research assistant, management. Norwegian School of Economics

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1978 PhD in Financial Economics, Norwegian School of Economics
1976 MSc in Finance & Economics, Norwegian School of Economics
1974 Graduate program in environmental management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
1973 B.A. (Siviløkonom), Norwegian School of Economics

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Corporate finance, corporate strategy, corporate governance, closely held firms, family firms, philosophy of science, ethics, climate crisis.


International refereed journals Go to top

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National refereed journals Go to top

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Non-refereed journals Go to top

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Monographs and textbooks Go to top

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Working papers Go to top

  1. The Family Behind the Family Firm Premium: Small Agency Conflicts and Large Financial Constraints, with Janis Berzins and Bogdan Stacescu, May, 2023.SSRN
  2. Illiquid owners and firm behavior: Financial and real effects of the personal wealth tax in private firms, with Janis Berzins and Bogdan Stacescu, February, 2022. SSRN
  3. Solstrøm er ofte godt for både klima og økonomi, men ikke i Norge, with Per Ivar Gjærum and Torkel Hasle, May, 2021. SSRN
  4. The persistent ownership structure of private firms, with Diana‐Cristina Iancu, Georgiana Radulescu and R. Øystein Strøm, September, 2020. SSRN
  5. The effect of shareholder turnout on voting rights and separation, with Sebastian Christophersen and Simen Lerfaldet, March, 2020. SSRN
  6. The governance and finance of Norwegian family firms: Main characteristics of the population, with Janis Berzins and Bogdan Stacescu, May, 2018. SSRN


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