Øyvind Bøhren
Professor of Finance


Øyvind Bøhren

Before joining BI in 1982, professor Bøhren served on the faculty of the Norwegian School of Economics, where he received a PhD in management in 1978. Bøhren spent one year as visiting faculty at the University of Washington, Seattle, one year at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and has visited for shorter periods at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Instituto de Empresa (Madrid), and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Professor Bøhren has worked with a consulting firm in corporate strategy and with an investment bank. He has recently authored a textbook in corporate governance and co-authored two textbooks in corporate finance. Moreover, he has served as an expert witness at the Norwegian Supreme Court on a minority freezeout case.

Bøhren works with corporate finance in general and corporate governance in particular. His current research projects analyze how agency costs influence the relationship between taxes and dividends, whether shareholder illiquidity has real effect in private firms, and how the performance premium of family depends on basic characteristics of the controlling family. He is heading the Centre for Corporate Governance Research (CCGR).


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