Janis Berzins
Associate Professor | Department of Finance
Janis.Berzins@bi.no | Mobile +47-46410592

I have worked for BI since 2006.  I joined BI after graduating from Indiana University Finance Department.  In past, I have worked on a consulting project with SEC, as a sales manager, hotel manager, and accountant.

My interests are in Portfolio Management, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Finance. Under portfolio management, I am interested in strategy and performance attribution and information processing in mutual fund and institutional money management complexes. I am particularly interested in corporate finance and governance issues of nonlisted firms. I work on projects that examine issues such as the resolution of agency issues in private firms via dividend policy and if individual liquidity needs have real effect on firm development.

I am developing the following working papers:

·         Stockholder Conflicts and Dividends, co-authored with Øyvind Bøhren and Bogdan Stacescu.

·         Illiquid stockholders and firm payout: The personal wealth tax as a dividend trigger, with Øyvind Bøhren, and Bogdan Stacescu.

·         Dividends Matter: Taxes and Agency Costs, with Øyvind Bøhren, and Bogdan Stacescu.

·         Do Families Matter in Institutional Money Management Industry: The Case of New Portfolio Openings.

·         Institutional Fund Management Family Performance Persistence.

·         Performance and Survival of Institutional Money Managers, co-authored with Charles A. Trzcinka.

And recently published:

·         Asset Management and Investment Banking, co-authored with Crocker Liu and Charles Trzcinka, October 2013, Journal of Financial Economics, 110-1. pp. 215-231.

·         Norwegian family firms- prevalence, governance, and performance, co-authored with Øyvind Bøhren, March 2013, Praktisk Økonomi & Finans, 29-3, pp. 57-75.

·         Private firms are important, unexplored, and special, co-authored with Øyvind Bøhren, February 2009, Praktisk Økonomi & Finans, pp. 65-75.

·         Corporate finance and governance in firms with limited liability: Basic characteristics, co-authored with Øyvind Bøhren and Pål Rydland, September 2008, CCGR Research Report.

And Taught:

Applied Valuation (graduate), Financial Markets and Instruments (graduate), Financial Intermediation and Banking (graduate), Managerial Accounting (MBA), Investments (undergraduate), Market Microstructure (undergraduate), International Finance (undergraduate, graduate, MBA, executive MBA), Basic Financial Management (undergraduate), Financial Intermediation and Banking (graduate). I am interested in integrating case-based teaching in otherwise regular courses.


Janis Berzins | janis.berzins@bi.no | Mobile +47-46410592