Bogdan Stacescu
Associate Professor |
Department of Finance | Mobile +47-46410519

I joined the Department of Finance in 2008, following my PhD studies at the University of Zurich. I am interested in corporate finance, corporate governance, and banking.

In banking, I have been working on information sharing between banks, incentives to collect information, the ownership and coverage of credit bureaus, and the use of collateral and direct screening in lending. In corporate finance and corporate governance I have been working on potential shareholder conflicts between shareholders, payout policy, and family firm management. See my CV.

In addition to BI, I have taught at ISM Vilnius, Toulouse Business School and the Graduate School of Management (St Petersburg). 

Working papers

-        Stockholder conflicts and dividend payout, co-authored with ōyvind BÝhren and Janis Berzins.

-        Dividends taxes, and agency costs, with ōyvind BÝhren and Janis Berzins.



Bogdan Stacescu | | Mobile +47-46410519 
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