Professor Øystein Noreng
Curriculum Vitae

Born: October 1st, 1942
Nationality: Norwegian
Address (home): October 1st, 1942 Bolteløkka Allé 7, N-0168 Oslo
Telephone (home): +47 22 60 98 84
Telefax (home): +47 22 46 47 29
Telephone (mobil): 90 01 33 98
Address (work): P.O.Box 580, N-1301 Sandvika
Telephone (work): +47 67 57 05 00
Telefax (work): +47 67 57 05 70


1961-67: Degrees in history and economics, M.A. in political science, University of Oslo
1967-71: Doctorate (Ph.D.) in political science, University of Paris (Sorbonne I)
1977-78: Post-doctoral research fellow and Trygve Lie Fulbright Fellow, Institute of Energy Studies, Stanford University
1986-87: Visiting research scholar and King Olav V Birthday Fellow, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


1968-71: Research fellow, Norwegian Humanities Research Council
1971-73: Research director, The Norwegian Book Club
1973-76: Counsellor, Planning Department, Norwegian Ministry of Finance
1976-77: Research and Planning Manager, Marketing Department, Statoil
1978-81: Research Consultant and Grantee, The Rockefeller Foundation
1977- : Professor, Norwegian School of Management
1990- : Norwegian School of Management, holder of the FINA Chair in Petroleum Economics and Management, Programme Director, M.Sc. Course in Energy Management

Numerous consultancies for Norwegian, foreign and international public and private organizations, including the governments of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, the United Nations, the World Bank and several oil and gas companies

Expert witness at the International Court of Justice, the Hague, Netherlands, LAPCO Arbitration, United States - Iran Claims Tribunal, 1983-1989





Oil Politics of the 1980s, New York, 1978, McGraw-Hill

Government Strategy and the Oil Industry in the North Sea, London, 1980, Croom Helm

Olje-Norge (Petroleum Norway), Oslo, 1986, Tano

Petroleum Economic Development, Massachusetts, 1984, Lexington Books

Utenlandske investeringer i Norge (Foreign Investment in Norway), Oslo, 1986, Tano

Den norske utfordring (The Norwegian Challenge), Oslo, 1987, Tano

Tysklands rom i det europeiske hus (The Room of Germany in the House of Europe), Oslo, 1990, Aschehoug

Norge og de nye markedene i Nordøst-Europa (Norway and the new markets in North-east-Europe), Oslo, 1994, ad Notam Gyldendal

Numerous articles in periodicals and books (in Norwegian and English) - latest:

"Prospects for Norwegian Gas to Central and Eastern Europe", in Norwegian Gas in the New Europe, How Politics Shape Markets, Oslo, 1991 Vett og Viten, ed. Ole Gunnar Austvik

"EF's planer om pengeunion og tyske forbehold", in Europa etter Maastricht, ("The EC Plans for a Monetary Union and German Second Thoughts", in Europa After Maastricht), Oslo, 1992, Cappelen

"Germany's Role in the European Energy Market", in Energy Markets and Environmental Issues, ed. Einar Hope and Steinar Strøm, Oslo, 1992, Scandinavian University Press