ERLING RØED LARSEN                   


PRIMARY                                                                             SECONDARY

Housing Economics                                                              Urban Economics

Empirical Economics                                                            Consumer behavior

Applied Econometrics                                               Resource Economics



            Institution:                                           University of California, Berkeley

            Fields of concentration:                      Environmental and Resource Economics,

                                                                       Economic History, Applied Statistics

            Dissertation title:                                 “Consumption, Inequality, and the Environment”

            Date of Completion:                           March 2001

            Principal Advisor:                               Professor J. Bradford DeLong

            Co-Advisors:                                      Professors Clair Brown and Michael Hanemann



University of California, Berkeley                  M.A.                1999    Statistics

University of Oslo                                          Cand.Polit.      1995    Economics

University of Oslo                                          Cand.Mag.      1991    Maths, Philos., Psych.




Head of Research, Eiendomsverdi

Professor II, Dept. of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School

Senior Economist II, Formuesforvaltning

Columnist, Aftenposten



Economist, Research Fellow, and Senior Research Fellow, Statistics Norway

Research Assistant, Institute of Industrial Relations, UC Berkeley



Professor, 2011-2015, Dept. of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School

Associate Professor, 2010-2011, Dept. of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School

Associate Professor II, 2005-2007, Dept. of Economics, BI Norwegian Business School

Instructor, Dept. of Economics, University of Oslo



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2016                Økonomi i sofakroken, Scriptorium

2012                Penger, Scriptorium

2009                Finanskrise! Lånefest, boligboble – og dagen derpå, Gyldendal

2007                Økonomi på trikken, Gyldendal

2004                Alt du vil vite om samfunnsøkonomi -- men aldri har våget å spørre om, Gyldendal



2014    “Best professor”, Executive Master of Business Adm., BI Norwegian Business School

2012    “Best Faculty”, Exe. Master of Business Adm. Energy Man., BI Norwegian Business School

2012    “Best Faculty”, Executive Master of Business Adm., BI Norwegian Business School

2010    Research Grant “Capital Gains Taxes”, Norwegian Research Council

2008    Research Grant “Housing and Macro”, Norwegian Research Council

2006    Stipend, Norwegian Scientific Literature Union, popularization

2006    Leiv Eiriksson's Grant, Norwegian Research Council

2003    Scholarship, Central Bank of Norway (Fund for Economic Research), Oslo

2002, 2008      Scholarship, Professor Wilhelm Keilhaus Minnefond, Oslo

2002    Scholarship, Ingegerd og Arne Skauges forskningsfond, Oslo

2002-2003       Post-Doctorate Fellowship, Norwegian Research Council

2001    The Kuznets Price. Best article in "Økonomiske Analyser"

1999    E. Scott Memorial. Award, Dept. of Statistics, UC Berkeley

1996-1999       J. William Fulbright Scholarship, US Dept. of State

1998    Fridtjof Nansen Scholarship, Oslo

1995    1st Prize, Norwegian Research Council's Essay Competition

1995    Dept. Citation, No.1 graduate, Dept. of Economics, University of Oslo