9. dec 2021


Initial purpose (spring 2020) of these slides was to present some graphs to compare developments in Norway with the Rest-of-World (primarily the US). Graphs are updated, text not

  • Some useful links
  • Covid-19
  • Foreign exchange
  • Equity markets
  • Fixed income markets (interest rates)

Financial markets are like “barometers” of the economy (apparently due to Gustav Cassel). Graphs show developments in key markets: FX, equity markets (including VIX), and government and private interest rates.

Links: Economics

Links: Covid-19


  • Focus on deaths as there are large international differences in testing-frequency/strategy, which makes comparison difficult
  • However: There are differences also in how different countries report number of deaths. There has been reports that Italy only reports those that die in hospitals, and also reports that there are differences across states in the US whether deaths are reported due to Covid-19 or other underlying causes
  • Selection of countries is a bit arbitrary, but seems that countries with less or late Covid-measures experience higher growth-rate in deaths.

Covid-19: Death pr 100K people

Covid-19: Growth rate of deaths (MA3)