Dagfinn Rime Dagfinn Rime
Professor of Finance 

The Central Bank Workshop on Microstructure of Financial Markets

NOTICE: new web page! https://sites.google.com/view/cbconf-microfin/

The Central Bank Workshop on the Microstructure of Financial Markets, first held by Norges Bank in 2005, brings together researchers, practitioners and policy makers to present and discuss recent research on the microstructure of financial markets.

The workshop has a tradition for a broad approach to microstructure, examplified by (a) capturing general research on frictions in financial markets; (b) adressing the needs of academics, policy-makers and practioners alike; (c) covering all financial markets, like equity, bonds, foreign exchange, money markets, derivatives, commodities, etc; and (d) maintaining a blend of theoretical and empirically oriented papers.

Upcoming meetings

The 2019 workshop will be held in Stockholm by Sveriges Riksbank. November 7-8, 2019.

Professor Ingrid Werner will give a keynote lecture.

2020: Swiss National Bank, Zurich, Switzerland. November 5-6, 2020.

Previous events

  • Alessandro Beber (Cass Business School)
  • Giovanni Cespa (Cass Business School)
  • Andrew Ellul (Indiana University)
  • Martin Evans (Georgetown U)
  • Michael Fleming (Fed New York)
  • Thierry Foucalt (HEC Paris)
  • Ingrid Lo (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bank of Canada)
  • Michael Moore (Warwick Business School)
  • Bernt Arne Odegaard (U of Stavanger)
  • Carol Osler (Brandeis U)
  • Marco Pagano (EIEF, University of Naples Federico II)
  • Christine Parlour (UC Berkeley)
  • Dagfinn Rime (BI Norwegian Business School)
  • Norman Schuerhoff (HEC Lausanne and Swiss Finance Institute)
  • Giorgio Valente (Hong Kong Monetary Authority)
  • Clara Vega (Federal Reserve System)