Dagfinn Rime Dagfinn Rime
Professor of Finance 

My primary research interests are in international finance, in particular the microstructure of foreign exchange markets. Before moving to BI I worked for the Norges Bank (Central bank of Norway), doing research and giving support to the Market Operation Department. I currently hold a part-time position with Norges Bank.

My papers have been published in journals like J. of Financial Econ., Rev. of Financial Studies, J. of Monetary Econ., J. of Int. Econ., J. of Banking and Finance and J. of Int. Money and Finance.

Recent Working papers

  • NEW Fixing the Fix? Assessing the Effectiveness of the 4pm Fix Benchmark, with Martin D.D. Evans, Peter O'Neill, and Jo A. Saakvitne. FCA OP 46 SSRN
  • Exchange Rates, Interest Rates and the Global Carry Trade, with Martin D.D. Evans. Norges Bank WP 14/2017 LINK
  • Herding the Scapegoats: Foreign Exchange Order Flow and the Time-Varying Effect of Fundamentals, with Anna Lindahl, Michael Moore, and Ali Shehadeh. SSRN

Recent publications *

  • NEW The Foreign Exchange Market, with Alain Chaboud and Vladyslav Sushko. The Research Handbook of Financial Markets, 2022. Edvard Elgar SSRN  
  • NEW Covered Interest Parity Arbitrage, with Andreas Schrimpf and Olav Syrstad. Review of Financial Studies, 2022. DOI. Open Access SSRN
  • Price Discovery in Two-Tier Markets, with Geir H. Bjønnes and Carol Osler. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2021 SSRN 
  • Does Publication of Interest Rate Paths Provide Guidance?, with Gisle James Nativk and Olav Syrstad. Journal of International Money and Finance, 2020. Requires subscription for PDF SSRN
  • Microstructure of Foreign Exchange Markets, with Martin D.D. Evans. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, 2019. Oxford University Press DOI. Require subscription for viewing PDF-file   SSRN
Dagfinn Rime

Selected papers *

  • Covered Interest Parity Arbitrage, with Andreas Schrimpf and Olav Syrstad. Review of Financial Studies, 2022. SSRN
  • The Scapegoat Theory of Exchange Rates: The First Tests, with Marcel Fratzscher, Lucio Sarno and Gabriele Zinna. Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015  Requires subscription for PDF SSRN
  • Exchange Rate Forecasting, Order Flow and Macroeconomic Information, with Lucio Sarno and Elvira Sojli. Journal of International Economics, 2010  Requires subscription for PDF
  • Arbitrage in the Foreign Exchange Market: Turning on the Microscope, with Farooq Akram and Lucio Sarno, Journal of International Economics, 2008    VOX-entry DOI/Elsevier Science Direct. Require subscription for viewing PDF-file
  • Dealer Behavior and Trading Systems in the Foreign Exchange Market, with Geir H. Bjønnes. Journal of Financial Economics, 2005  DOI/Elsevier Science Direct. Require subscription for viewing PDF-file NB WP 2003/10