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Hilde C. Bjørnland

Professor of Economics at BI Norwegian Business School and Director at Centre for Applied Macro-and Petroleum economics (CAMP)

Additional affiliations: Scientific advisor to Norges Bank (Research department) and Member of Swedish Fiscal Policy Council

Main research interests: Macroeconomics and applied econometrics. Special interests include the study of business cycles, the role of asset prices and oil prices in economic models, and monetary and fiscal policy


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News 2015:

·         New paper:  Oil and macroeconomic (in)stability

·         New paper:  Commodity prices and fiscal policy design: Procyclical despite a rule

·         New acceptance in Economic Journal: Boom or gloom? Examining the Dutch disease in two-speed economies

·         New paper:  Forecasting GDP with global components. This time is different

·         New Book (second edition) in 2015: Applied Time Series for Macroeconomics (Gyldendal)

·         Norges Bank-CAMP workshop: Empirical Macroeconomics March 18, 2015

·         A note: What is the effect of an oil price decrease on the Norwegian economy?

·         New acceptance in Journal of Applied Econometrics: What drives oil prices? Emerging versus Developed Economies




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Address: BI Norwegian Business School

NO-0442 Oslo;Oslo, Norway

Tel: +47 46 41 07 67

E-mail: hilde.c.bjornland@bi.no

Twitter: HCBjornland